Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Chance to Curate 
INEFFABLE at Keystone Art Gallery      
Art by Robin Mitchell
Sometime last year I was given the opportunity to curate a show.  As an artist I like putting different materials together to add texture and meaning to my work, and this was a chance to bring artists together using their art as raw materials to create a more complex story. Rather than juxtapose materials, I could arrange works by different artists to create a bigger assemblage, larger in scope and more multifaceted than what I could construct alone.
I chose the ineffable as a theme for the show because it was the common denominator between many artists’ work that I admired and because it is a compelling part of the artistic experience.  It is also fascinating to me because it is non-intellectual and resides in the emotions. And perhaps because opposites attract, I often gravitate towards art that is very different than my natural inclinations.  Left to my own devices I will usually choose a simple, direct solution, whether it is in my art or writing.  However, I recognize the value of what I lack the aptitude for: personal, emotional narratives, imaginary landscapes, fanciful or poetic works that explore the unknown and take risks that I avoid. As Joni Mitchell put it, “…. I’m drawn to those ones that ain’t afraid”.

Hagiography by Cindy Rehm
The eleven artists showing in Ineffable are fearless. They search for meanings, for enlightenment, for healing, and for truth.  Their work is as varied as their preoccupations and the materials they use to express themselves.  The ineffable hangs in the air, sometimes as an immersive experience, as in Robin Mitchell’s luminous paintings and at other times as mysterious puzzles to be unraveled in deeply personal, yet social commentaries, like in the surreal collages by Cindy Rehm and the paintings by Georganne Deen that show both her keen wit and vulnerability. Rick Potts and Ric Heitzman each use humor and their unbridled imaginations to express impossible and absurd landscapes and portraits, while Lou Carney’s paintings depict people carefully observed in a moment of a mundane activity or repose.  
How to Advertise by Kio Griffith
Kio Griffith and Richard Keely alter and juxtapose common objects with great sensitivity to their materials while challenging our perception of things and Heather Lowe uses lenticulars, a form of 3D photography to create lyrical responses to music and emotional states. Anna O’Cain’s installations combine her photographic work with found objects, using memories, systems of organization and crafts to tell her stories, and lastly, Raghubir Kintisch explores spiritual phenomena in her paintings and multimedia work. For the opening of Ineffable she will lead a gong meditation, providing a truly ineffable experience for those who can attend. 

Each artist adds to our understanding of the indescribable experience that we characterize as ineffable.  Some of the artists address the experience itself while others explore things that we may not understand or cannot articulate through language. The beauty of a quietly observed moment, a desire to heal or seek things larger than ourselves are all reasons artists and viewers alike are drawn to art. Ineffable invites the viewer to observe and allow the art to communicate their mysteries beyond the realm of words. 

Anna O'Cain AstroValleyBoatYazooLake
INEFFABLE at Keystone Art Gallery 

Opening Reception: March 3, 2019 1-4 pm 
Artists: Georganne Deen, Kio Griffith, Ric Heitzman, Richard Keely, Raghubir Kintisch, Heather Lowe, Robin Mitchell, Anna O'Cain, Rick Potts, Cindy Rehm, Lou Carney alias Mary Lou Zelazny.

A special thanks to Heather Lowe.

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